Women's and Gender Studies Program

So What Can I Do With My WMGS Degree?

A degree in Women's and Gender Studies offers students a wide range of career options. Students seeking a major or minor in WMGS have the opportunity to pursue careers in fields such as law, advocacy, counseling, education, international policy, health, politics, psychology, social work, sociology, public administration, and history--just to name a few. Check out these examples:

Clinical Social Worker

A WMGS degree can be very helpful in the field of social work. By understanding the history and development of women's roles in society, social workers can recognize and provide options for their clients. Alumni with a WMGS degree can accurately and properly connect clients with the most effective and appropriate resources in their communities.

Victim's Advocate

Some graduates of WMGS pursue a career that puts them in direct contact with victims of domestic abuse, hate crimes, or other acts of violence. Victim advocates work directly with victims in accordance with case management and service referral functions. They also serve as liaisons between the victims, the prosecution, and court staffs.

Legislative Aide

Individuals seeking a major/minor in WMGS can also pursue a career in politics. Politicans have begun to hire individuals with degrees in WMGS as specialists to their research teams because of their understanding and knowledge of women's history. Because of this knowledge, these specialists can help politicians understand how certain laws would affect the women in their districts.

Public Relations Manager

Since women tend to make the buying decisions among households in our society, companies have begun to hire individuals with a background in WMGS. These companies rely on WMGS graduates for their insight on women's wants and needs. This career field can help companies launch their new products and repair past mistakes.

College Professor

Some WMGS graduates use their degrees to pursue careers in education. With a growing interest in Women's and Gender Studies, many colleges and universities are expanding their departments in order to meet the student demand for this field of study.