Even After Graduation, a Way to Stay Involved—65 Years Later

Annabelle Birkestol ’45

When Annabelle Birkestol ’45 was deciding which college to go to, her mother gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse. She told Annabelle to check out Pacific Lutheran University and, if she went there, she would pay for it.

“She thought it was a good school,” Annabelle says of her mother.

It was also a good fit for Annabelle, who describes her experience on campus as one of the happiest times of her life. Plus, she found her calling as a teacher. That value in education is something she still carries with her.

“When I graduated it was the happiest day of my life and the saddest day because I knew I wouldn’t be able to live on campus anymore,” she says.

But that didn’t keep her from supporting a place she enjoyed so much. For a number of years, Annabelle has contributed to the funding of Eastvold Hall, the Mary Baker Russell Music Center and much more.

“I think they are doing good work in helping students find their way and training young people to go out into the world and make a difference,” Annabelle says. “I think the more young people that are exposed to an education that you get at PLU, the better this world will be.”

To continue fulfilling this belief, Annabelle recently established a charitable gift annuity. This allows her to receive a steady stream of payments during her life while also making a generous gift to PLU students after her lifetime.

By Chris Albert