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PLU Crowdfunding Projects

Application to Crowdfund


Contact PLU’s Crowdfunding Director Jayne Berglund: jberglund@plu.edu, 253-535-7447.

Crowdfunding at PLU

PLU students and employees looking to raise money for projects and initiatives that are not fully or already funded may benefit from PLU’s crowdfunding platform. Over 25 groups across PLU have completed crowdfunding projects so far, raising $2,500 to $30,000 each. (You can see 2017-2019 projects here and projects from past years here.)

Additional information can be found on the Crowdfunding at PLU Information Flyer.



Interested current PLU students and employees are encouraged to apply to crowdfund or to reach out to Jayne Berglund with questions (jberglund@plu.edu, 253-535-7447).



Interested PLU supporters are encouraged to browse current crowdfunding projects, making a gift to any that inspire you and sharing projects with others who might also be inspired to support these timely student- and employee-led initiatives.