Office of Advancement


Building for the Future

Gifts to the University’s endowment are not spent, but carefully invested to yield a steady, reliable source of income in perpetuity. As of May 31, 2015 the total value of the PLU endowment was over $85.5 million.

Endowment income provides financial stability and allows the University to implement long-range plans. The endowment is also meant to provide cash to fund scholarships, undergraduate research, equipment, lectures, athletic facilities, some faculty positions, global education and other university programs.

Pacific Lutheran University has sought endowment gifts in three main categories: student scholarships, faculty support, and technology enhancement.

Student Scholarships

Endowed scholarships permanently funded by individuals, couples, families, and congregations provide an important source of financial aid for PLU students. PLU hopes to increase significantly the number of endowed scholarships in order to recruit and retain the best students.

Faculty Support

Students cite the quality of the faculty as a primary reason for choosing PLU over other universities. A strong endowment will enable the University to offer competitive salaries, maintain the faculty at an optimum size, and support teaching and research–all of which are essential to attracting and sustaining an energized and productive faculty.

Endowment funds enrich the academic experience for students by providing support for endowed professorships, visiting artists and lecturers, faculty development grants, and awards for innovative teaching.

Technology Enhancement

The University has made significant progress toward improving its technological resources. To maintain and continuously enhance these critical resources, the University seeks to endow funds specifically for this purpose. Technology initiatives supported through the endowment will include equipment upgrades, additional “smart” classrooms, computer-training facilities, and expansion of Internet resources to enhance teaching as well as library and career-placement services.

Through the recent successful campaign, Engage the World: The Campaign for PLU, and effective asset management, PLU’s endowment has more than quadrupled in value to over $70 million. Yet despite this increase, the University still faces a significant gap between its endowment and the endowment of peer institutions.

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