There are many reasons to give to PLU. Here are just a few reasons why some of our donors were inspired to give. If you would like to share your story, please email

 “My husband and I want to be sure others can experience the incredible educational experience at PLU.”
– Anna, Kenmore, WA

 “I received a scholarship that allowed me to attend PLU and receive a high quality education and I want to help give others the same opportunity.”
– Russell, Tacoma, WA

 “I love PLU. PLU gave me a great opportunity and education to be a nurse.”
– Trang, Tacoma, WA

 “My daughter was a recipient of scholarship while attending PLU.”
– Anne, Redmond, WA

 “PLU formed my life, and when I graduated in 1970 I carried the gift that was given to me and will never forget.”
– Gregory, Rockville, MD

 “To honor the legacy which launched us and to further the ongoing mission of the University.”
– David, Lafayette, CA

 “We are doing what we can to sustain for the future, the opportunity that PLU presents to its students.”
– Dale, Billings, MT

 “Our grandson attends the university so we want to show support.”
– Don and Yvonne, Tacoma, WA

 “Because I wouldn’t change my time at PLU for anything, and it wouldn’t have been possible without scholarships!”
– Jennifer, St. Louis Park, MN

 “My PLU education prepared me for a life of professional service and meaningful relationships. I am grateful for the knowledge, friendships, and personal enrichment that was offered during my four years at PLU.”
– Lara, Olympia, WA

 “Because PLU gives our children a future.”
– Jon, Tacoma, WA

 “Because I wouldn’t change my time at PLU for anything, and it wouldn’t have been possible without scholarships!”
– Jen, St. Louis Park, NM

 “Good school, and getting better!”
– Tom, Silver City, NM

 “The value of your degree is not determined by the reputation of the school when you graduated, it is determined by its reputation today. As a result, all graduates have a vested interest in making sure PLU’s solid reputation continues in to the future.”
– Don and Sue, University Place, WA

 “The publishing and printing program at PLU was directly responsible for my career in publishing and for my lifelong passion for letterpress printing.”
– Anonymous

 “As a former recipient of scholarships to help put me through scholarships, I want to pay it forward and help another deserving student achieve their educational goals.”
– Cyrena, Aurora, CO

 “Our son is a freshman. We were and are very impressed with how PLU and the other students welcomed him and made is first semester away from home easy and memorable. Thank you.”
– Kevin and Janette, Ketchikan, AK

 “My husband graduated from PLU.”
– Joan, Los Angeles, CA

 “I appreciate the education I received from PLU and I want others to receive a quality education and be able to serve the world and community.”
– Anonymous

 “What a great place to be a member of the Board of Regents.”
– Osamu and Grace, Anchorage, AK

 “My son, Marc, made his commitment to Christ through the Federation of Christian Athletes.  Marc is now a Chaplain in the US Navy. He and his father-in-law, Lawrence Hauge, loved the Lord and sports.”
– Dorothy, LaCrescenta, CA

“We love your ministry!”
– Andrew,  Stanwood, WA

“We are PLU alumni, as are a number of family members, and want to support the ability of current and future students to benefit from the PLU experience.”
– Kevin and Emily, Maple Valley, WA

“The best years of my life were spent at PLU and I want to give back to the school so they can continue to provide that for current and future students.”
– Mary, Kirkland, WA

“All four members of our Lansverk family graduated from PLU: Kay (81), Marvin (80), Allison (11), and Hannah (14).  We each benefited from the rich education and community that PLU offered.  We want others to be able to share this amazing opportunity.”
–  Kay and Marvin, Bozeman, MT

“Appreciation of the many Music and Communications Events, especially the annual Christmas concert.”
–  Melvin, Tacoma, WA

 “I am a PLU Alum and our daughter is a Regents Scholar recipient who will be graduating in June 2017.  Supporting students with financial gaps to enable them to complete their education at PLU is a great way to honor Jim Van Beek who served at the University during my years there as a student. ” 
– Thomas, Ridgefield, WA

 “I give because PLU gave me the opportunity to grow and be who I am today.”
– Brent, Greeley, CO

 “I received a great  education at PLU, earning my MBA degree in 1986.”
– Robert, Clinton, ME

 “At Christmastime, we give in honor of our loving and supportive family.”
– Allison and Timothy, Fontanelle, NE

 “The football program had a huge impact on my life and who I am today.”
– Jeff, Sherwood, OR

 “My mother Enid Webber graduated from PLC in 1938. The experiences she gained there opened a world of new opportunities and accomplishments for her that she never forgot.”
– George, Leesburg, VA

“I really appreciate the quality education I received at PLU. A scholarship made it possible for me to attend PLU and I want to make it possible for others to attend as well. I know that PLU encourages students, faculty, and all connected to PLU to make their community, nation, and world a better place.”
– Taylor, Tacoma, WA

 “PLU changed my life. I want to continue to change lives.”
– Edith, Seattle, WA

“I support education—including education of student-athletes.  A great deal can be learned from sport participation.  I especially like team sports!!”
– Paula, Tacoma, WA

 “PLU is quality education. You are taught to think, to wonder, to have grit and determination, to imagine, to be a greater part of a greater world.”
– Margo and Larry, Everett, WA

“My master’s degree has been so helpful throughout my career in counseling.”
– Karrie, Mercer Island, WA

“Attending PLU not only prepared me for a successful career in education, but also built long-lasting friendships. The people I met at PLU continue to be some of the most important people in my life.”
– Carmen, Renton, WA

“I have many lifelong friends from my four years at PLU. Lutes are simply great people!”
– Johanna, East Wenatchee, WA

“PLU was an incredible experience. One that I appreciate more almost every day.”
– Roni, Mill Valley, CA

“I was one of those single moms with a student who had financial challenges. I am SO grateful to PLU for the care, rich education and experiences that you gave my daughter—as well as the financial scholarships. Someday I hope to be in a position to give the full capacity I feel in my heart.”
– Linda, Hayden, ID

“PLU is a great place to learn and grow.”
– Janel, Seattle, WA

“I give because both my husband and I attended PLU.  He continued on at UW Medical School and I obtained a Master in Science in Physical Therapy in Texas.  We were able to fulfill our desired career paths based on the excellent preparation that we received at PLU.  The outstanding professors that we both had made lasting impacts on our lives.  Our daughter, Ingrid, has continued the long legacy on both sides of our families by attending PLU.”
– Sara and Donald, Kalispell, MT  

“I want to give back because I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship while I attended PLU.”
– Tamara and Todd, Seattle, WA

“To be able to do something for those who are yet to experience the blessings I received while at PLU!”
– Dale, Billings, MT

“My children have been blessed by the generosity of PLU scholarships!”
– Matthew, Orting, WA

“Other people’s donations made PLU affordable for me.”
– Victoria, Lafayette, CO

“Our son benefited from a student scholarship, which greatly influenced our decision in choosing PLU.”
– Kimberly, Portland, OR

“People gave to me!”
– Eric, Edgewood, WA

“PLU was integral to my formation and journey to realize my vocation as a clinical social worker. The values and perspectives I was exposed to at PLU have made me into the social justice power woman I am today!”
– Caroline, Chicago, IL

“My daughter is a student at PLU.”
– Ernest, Parker, CO

“I believe in the PLU mission for students.”
– Shari, Lake Oswego, OR

“PLU is a great institution and I want the future generations to experience the wonderful time I had when I attended.”
– Deborah, Palmdale, CA

“I was able to attend PLU only because of scholarships.”
– Norma, Holcombe, WI