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Grad Gift 2014

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In January of 2012, many of the trees on campus were damaged in a wind storm, however, money to replace them was not in the budget. With the help of all seniors, we can change that. Our goal is to raise $2,500 to replace 10 trees on campus. If every senior donates $3.25, we will reach our goal!

What is the cost of each tree?
  • $250 is the cost to buy, replace, and care for each tree through the first three years of its life at PLU.

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Understand why it costs $250:
  • The trees PLU will buy are trees that are 1-1.5 inches in diameter so that they are easy to handle through the establishment phase of 1-3 years. This means the trees themselves cost a little more than saplings or seeds. Using these trees will allow for more success in their establishment and less direct attention.

  • In order to plant the new trees, PLU will have to extract the old, damaged trees, which is included in the $250 price per tree.

  • In addition, the $250 also covers the costs of watering (after the first year, in drought only), mulch, fertilizer and pruning for the first 3 years after the tree is planted.

Which trees will we use?
  • The trees that will be planted are those that will take the place of the old tree. For example, if a pine tree was damaged in the storm, a new pine tree (or similar tree) will be planted to take its place.

  • Trees that are 1-1.5 inches in diameter are at least 3 years old, but depending on the type of tree, they can often be 5-8 years old. In addition, these trees require less attention than a sapling, or a larger tree, which both require more watering and mulching.
Why you should get involved with Grad Gift 2014:
  • Giving to your University is important in raising the alumni giving percentage.

    • The alumni giving percentage accounts for 20% of the University's overall ranking.
    • If the alumni giving percentage goes up, PLU's overall ranking can go up, which would make the value of a PLU education go up as well (which employers love!)
  • This is your opportunity to impact the environment in a positive way by leaving your campus "greener" than you found it.

  • Even a gift of just $1 can make an incredible difference!

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Does tuition conver the full cost of PLU?
  • Tuition only covers about 76% of the cost of a PLU education. The other 24% comes from generous alumni, parents, faculty, staff, churches, foundations and corporations.
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Why Does PLU Have SPC? What Is It?
  • Student Philanthropy Committee (SPC) exists to educate students of Pacific Lutheran University on the impact that philanthropy has on our campus community
What Has SPC Done For PLU So Far?
  • Last year we held the first ever Philanthropy Fair! We also created an awesome video to showcase how Donors have changed students lives! If you would like to see that video just click here!