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It’s a great day to be a Lute! This last year was exceptional, and not just because of the success of our PLU Athletic teams (though we do enjoy a well-deserved win). The dedication of our coaches, resilience and fortitude of our student-athletes, and love from our fans – including you! – have made this year better than I ever could have imagined.

To say the aspirational bar has been set high is probably an understatement. Looking forward, I know that we can’t always control the outcomes, but we can control the process. I am committed to continuing to focus on the LUTES core values – Leadership, Unity, Teamwork, Excellence, Service – to ensure our processes support ongoing success and focus on putting student-athletes first. Your support is so important to creating exceptional student-athlete experiences, and I’m eager to see what we can all accomplish next.

Go Lutes!

Mike Snyder
Director of Athletics and Recreation

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Go Lutes!

I am proud of them because they represent the program and university in a professional manner.
– Nolan Soete


Go Lutes!

Every year brings new memories, and this year is about getting to excellence and sustaining it.
– Brant McAdams

Men's Soccer

Go Lutes!

I am proud of how they approach challenges and contribute to their greater community.
– John Yorke


Go Lutes!

Our team is competitive on the court and in the classroom. They are great ambassadors of PLU Athletics.
– Kevin Aoki

Men's Basketball

Go Lutes!

I’m proud of how members of our program show collective responsibility to represent our values.
– Chad Murray

Men's Golf

Go Lutes!

I’m proud of how they come together with different backgrounds and play for something bigger than themselves.
– Kyle Drugge

Women's Soccer

Go Lutes!

They are people of high character, discipline, hard work, accountability, selflessness.
– Seth Spidahl

Women's Basketball

Go Lutes!

This team is full of ambitious, compassionate, talented women. They’re excellent ambassadors to PLU.
– Lee Aduddel

Women's Golf

Go Lutes!

I am proud that the Women’s Golf team has bought into my philosophy and know that they are good golfers!
– Sara Griffin


Go Lutes!

They are the most unselfish, committed, and serving young women on campus.
– Traci Barrett


Go Lutes!

I feel most proud of the XCountry/Track&Field team when I see their personal growth and development.
– Adam Frye


Go Lutes!

I am most proud of the community that this team is and how they share in that community on a daily basis.
– Andy Foltz


Go Lutes!

The Swimming team is and will be an integral and causal part of the greater PLU community.
– Matt Sellman

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