Cammocks Ensure PLU Remains a Place for Students to Grow

Craig Cammock ’91 and his wife Carrie

There is one thing Craig Cammock ’91 finds to be true every time he encounters a Lute in the world: “They’re always a pleasure to run into.”

It’s a big reason why Craig and his wife, Carrie, support education at Pacific Lutheran University by donating to initiatives like Q Club student scholarships, the Morken Center, the athletic fields and to the economics department, which included honoring faculty emeritus Ernie Ankrim.

“I think the world would be better off with more PLU graduates out there in the world,” Craig says. “PLU turns out some good citizens.”

The Cammocks enjoy PLU activities like the Christmas Concert, which has become a holiday tradition, but being able to give the opportunity of a valued education is why the Cammocks keep PLU close to their hearts.

“In today’s world, a person’s education can’t stop at high school, he says. It’s just not an option. I can’t imagine coming out of high school and just quitting there. We’re all better off if we’re all better educated.”

For him, PLU was a place from which he not only gained an education, but grew as a person. He’d like to see other students have that opportunity.

“PLU is a unique place,” Craig says. “I don’t think mature is the right word, but it just provided the right ground for transitioning into adulthood.”

One of the experiences he had while a student at PLU was a semester in Vienna, Austria. The experience did wonders in shaping Craig and providing the bridge to adulthood.

He couldn’t be happier to see the university embrace global education and see the programs grow.

“I think it’s just a great thing to do,” Craig says. “No matter where you go.”

You Can Change a Life
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 By Chris Albert