Don't Wait to Give

Kyle Franklin '07

Kyle Franklin ’07 never waited for the right time to start giving back.

When he first started attending PLU as an undergrad, first attracted by the university’s location and its focus on social justice, he began giving. And Kyle continued to give: as of last year, he had contributed $10,000 to various PLU programs including Q Club, the Women’s Center and Project Access scholarships. Kyle has also made a provision for PLU in his will.

This dogged determination to giving continues as Kyle pursues his graduate degree in Spokane, Wash.

Called to Give
Kyle, who worked as program specialist in Campus Ministries for three years, admits he’s often asked why he gives so much or why he gives at all while he’s still in school.

“I know for myself I’m not called to cure cancer and I’m not called to minister in the jungles of Africa, but someone is,” he says. “PLU students have the potential to do wonderful things,” he adds. “And I can support that vocation and calling with my gifts.”

Whatever the amount of his take-home pay, Kyle tries to give 10-15% of his income to charitable causes. And he quickly dispels the image that he was one of those rich kids. He worked his way through PLU and graduated with student loans.

To a large part, that explains his affinity to both Q Club and Project Access. He knows many students wouldn’t be at PLU without the help of scholarships. “I want to make sure that they have the same opportunities I did,” he says of the Q Club scholarships. “Project Access started when the economy bottomed out, and I would hate the thought of a student leaving for financial reasons.”

Kyle encourages alumni, especially those who have graduated recently, not to wait until they’ve “arrived” to begin giving. Even $5 or $10 can make a difference.

To find out how your gift can make a difference to PLU students, contact PLU Gift Planning at 253-535-7177