Thank you for your generous support of PLU!

Hilary Vo '18, ASPLU President

B.A. in Classical Studies and English

PLU Fund Student Scholarship Recipient

“I deeply appreciate the generosity of donors to keep PLU the welcoming and caring environment that has inspired me to further my education for the past three years. As ASPLU President, I have had the pleasure of working to further PLU as a diversity, just and sustainable campus. I wouldn’t be able to attend PLU without scholarships and have also been fortunate to receive research grants. None of this would be possible without your altruism, so on behalf of many students, thank you!”

Hilary Vo
Hilary Vo, ASPLU President
Alex Jones
Alex Jones, Pianist

Alex Jones '20, Pianist

B.M. in Piano Performance

Forestine Wise Monsen Endowed Piano Scholarship, Bertha Gilbertson Scholarship, PLU Fund Student Scholarship

“Being a college student can be stressful. At the center of college life, fears of fulfillment, day-to-day finances, class loads and cultivating professional relationships with professors all intersect. The most grave of these fears is the impending financial debt that comes with attending a four-year institution. Scholarship support means that as a student, I can worry a little less about the future and a little more about what’s going on right now.”

2017 Alumni Award Recipients

Brad Tilden ’83, Distinguished Alumnus

Carol Farver ’73, Distinguished Alumna

Jessica Anderson ’07, Distinguished Recent Alumna

Michael Graven ’81, Mission Award

Shiori Oki ’17, Brian C. Olson Student Leadership Award

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