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PLU’s Lasting Legacy Reception & Dinner

The PLU Years - Sophomore Year

Thank you for investing in the future of PLU!

Allan Belton, Acting President

Harstad Heritage Society

“At a time when institutions of higher education across the country are facing increasing challenges: challenges of enrollment decline, high tuition costs, increasing competition from traditional and non-traditional sources and changing attitudes about the value of not only a liberal arts education, but any four-year education – I am proud to share that PLU has and continues to respond to these challenges in a way that only PLU could.  As a result we are about to finish what could arguably be one of our most challenging years, with much to be grateful for and even more for which we should all be proud.”

Allan Belton
Allan Belton, Acting President
Austin Beiermann, Student Speaker

Austin Beiermann, Student Speaker

Class of 2018 – Economics, Politics & Government

Faye M. Anderson-Van Beek Endowed Scholarship for Community and Volunteer Service
Dr. William O. Rieke Leadership Award
PLU Fund Student Scholarship

“The theme of tonight is Lasting Legacy. I am the first in my family to go to college and in 31 days will be the first to graduate. I mentioned my younger sister earlier who in two years will be making the decision of what college she wants to go to and she is very partial to PLU. I’m gonna be lucky enough to be able to help her apply to college. It will be the folks at this school who will show her the care to get her to commit; but it will be all of you who are being honored tonight who can help her and many other future Lutes have an experience at PLU that will help them bring out the best in themselves they didn’t even know existed. Thank you for listening to what I had to say and I hope you have a chance to hear the stories of other Lutes whose lives you have impacted.”

Allen Morris, Donor Spotlight

Lillian C. Morris Endowed Scholarship

“Because PLC opened its gymnasium doors to the neighborhood kids, including Stanley and his brothers Charles and Donald, who wanted to play basketball indoors due to our Pacific NW inclement weather. Stanley never forgot that and wanted to acknowledge PLU’s generosity. So the Lillian  C. Morris fund was inaugurated. Today we are able to help a number of students because years ago PLU opened its doors and welcomed in its neighbors. Let’s keep those doors open and the tradition going.”

Allen Morris, Donor Spotlight