When Ann Gaines told us why her family established the Alan and Ann Gaines Study Away Endowment, we were blown away by their dedication to the development of PLU students as global citizens.

“Our son graduated from PLU in 2004. He studied under an ROTC scholarship. In his senior year he had the opportunity to spend his J-term in Cuba, which he said was a life-changing experience. We have been grateful for his ROTC scholarship, and are certain that his PLU education was an excellent foundation for his career as an Army officer. The global perspective given by study abroad opportunities is key to understanding our world, and the key to working toward peace. This kind of a liberal arts education is essential today for those who will make progress towards understanding the diverse cultures in our world. We want every PLU student to have the opportunity to become a citizen of the world and an instrument of understanding and peace.”

Thank you, Alan and Ann, for establishing the Alan and Ann Gaines Study Away Endowment!