Campus Life Professional Staff

Dhaval Patel, Associate Director for Campus Life Operations (& Former Community Director for Stuen & Ordal Halls): Working with the campus life team makes me feel like I can always show up as my authentic self. Everyone is always super supportive about things going on in my personal life as well as work life. I also feel really supported to take time off for myself and taking care of my own mental health.


The Campus Life team includes the following professional staff members.
Campus Life 2022-2023 Organizational Chart

Campus Life Central Office Staff

  • Tom Huelsbeck, Associate Vice President for Campus Life
  • Jes Takla, Associate Dean for Campus Life, Co-Curricular Learning, and Assessment
  • Rebecca Rumpza, Director for Campus Life Operations
  • Alexis Austin, Associate Director for Campus Life & Associated Students of PLU (ASPLU) Advisor
  • Jewelz Mauro, Associate Director for Campus Life
  • Dhaval Patel, Associate Director for Campus Life Operations
  • Sarah Nelson, Campus Life Operations Manager

Community Directors

  • Marie Tucker, Community Director for CAVE Commuter Community
  • Zac Galván, Community Director for South & Pflueger Halls
  • Mickie Gonwick, Community Director for Harstad Hall & Campus Life Co-Curricular Programs (Collateral)
  • Edgar Carreño, Community Director for Tingelstad Hall
  • Dream Gonzales, Community Director for Ordal & Stuen Hall
  • Andrew Corse, Community Director for Hong & Hinderlie Halls

Maggie Hendrickson, Former Community Director for Tingelstad Hall: “Working on our CD team is my favorite part of being a Community Director at PLU. We are a very collaborative and supportive department, and it has been great to develop friendships in addition to positive, professional relationships. I have especially valued our commitment to innovating our practices to be as inclusive and committed to our mission as possible.”