All teaching candidates must earn at least one endorsement.  Endorsements indicate which content and grade levels you are qualified for and authorized to teach.  Elementary education covers grades K-8.  Elementary candidates are strongly encouraged to earn an additional endorsement in order to improve job prospects.  Some local districts only consider elementary candidates with additional endorsements.

Secondary endorsements cover grades 5-12, middle level endorsements cover grades 5-9, and several endorsements including Special Education, the Performing and Visual Arts, Health/Fitness, Reading, and English Language Learners include grades K-12.  Early Childhood Special Education covers birth through 3rd grade.  Special Education and ELL may not be earned without a content endorsement.

Click on the endorsement name for the content worksheet which provides an overview of content requirements.

Candidates must pass the appropriate WEST-E/NES test for each endorsement.

Endorsements Available at PLU