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Women's and Gender Studies

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"Feminist education--the feminist classroom--is and should be a place where there is a sense of struggle, where there is visible acknowledgment of the union of theory and practice, where we work together as teachers and students to overcome the estrangement and alienation that have become so much the norm in the contemporary university." - bell hooks

What Does a Women's & Gender Studies Student Experience at PLU?

Student Testimony

"One of the things I learned at PLU was that feminism fits everywhere, so I'm certain that it will always be a part of my life and my work. Wherever I decide to go from here, I know that the interdisciplinary nature of the WMGS program equipped me with the tools I need to make it happen." -- Jessie Backer, Class of 2011

Women's and Gender Studies courses offer critical analysis of traditional social institutions, such as religion, arts, science, law, education, medicine, and the family, and their relationship to each person's gender, sexual identity, class, and race.  Reflecting the importance of dialogue and

op de Beeck's 201 classcollaboration in feminism, classroom activities include a rich mix of group-based projects, discussion, and other forms of inquiry.  The multidisciplinary nature of our program invites Women's and Gender Studies students to sample many topics and learn through a variety of intellectual and life experiences, from reading the literatures of under-represented communities to creating visual artwork, visiting a prison for women, and learning how to initiate, mediate and engage in an ongoing discourse about challenging issues.

Who Participates in Women's and Gender Studies at PLU?

All women and men interested in the historical and contemporary impact of gender and sexuality in the larger society will find Women's and Gender Studies an ideal academic choice.  The Women's and Gender Studies program gives students the important tools, resources, and language needed for personal empowerment, especially useful since it is easy to feel overwhelmed and resigned in the face of injustices.

Upon completion of this program, each PLU Women's and Gender Studies graduate is prepared to creatively and effectively pursue social justice in her or his own way.  As teachers, scientists, volunteers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, or family members, our graduates are making positive changes in the way gender and sexual identity are understood globally in the 21st century.

Women's and Gender Studies Program
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