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Q&A with Coach Matt Sellman

What are some highlights of this year that shows your team succeeding, facing a challenge, and supporting each other?
Our conference meet was incredible, so many fast swims, records, championships, and the team was just exuding an aura of confidence and positive attitude all weekend. Our culture put us in a great place and we took full advantage of the opportunity.

What makes your student-athletes special? What makes you feel most proud of your team?
The team is so dedicated to being excellent in all areas of their lives. They live the ‘Excellence is Contagious’ philosophy and make it happen. Perfect example is how strong they are academically (best in the department!) and how successful we are as a team, not to mention how they are leaders on campus in so many groups, clubs and organizations. PLU Swimming is and will be an integral and causal part of the PLU Community.

How did your team engage with the community this year?
We participated in Special Olympics coaching once again after a couple years off due to COVID, one of the great things our kids love to do. We also participated in the annual youth sports camp our department puts on every April. We weren’t able to do some of the other things due to COVID restrictions such as teaching swim lessons and off campus activities.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for next year?
I am leaving PLU this summer, but I will be watching from afar and look forward to seeing how far the program can go!

“PLU swimming has helped me keep my time management and become an all around better person. I have worked on my social skills and made many friends.”
 – Isabella Valles

40 Swimming student-athletes

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7 school records; 8 conference championship wins

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Jessica Ordaz: Newcomer of the Year and NWC Swimmer of the Year

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Men and Women hold the top 2 Team GPA's in the Athletic Department

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