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Q&A with Coach Kevin Aoki

What are some highlights of this year that shows your team succeeding, facing a challenge, and supporting each other?
The highlight of the year was having a semi-normal year again with some COVID-19 protocols in place. It was great to get a full schedule with the return of our breakaway bonding trip and most importantly playing in front of fans again instead of the personal cutouts. The season has taught us how to be grateful for everything we have and the opportunity to play volleyball and be around our friends.

What makes your student-athletes special? What makes you feel most proud of your team?
What makes me proud about our team is that they are competitive on the court and in the classroom. We have maintained a 3.5 plus team GPA along with taking 2nd place in the conference. They are just great ambassadors of PLU Athletics.

How did your team engage with the community this year?
We are looking to volunteer for the athletic departments Youth Sports Clinic, as well as putting on 2 weeks of summer volleyball camps.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for next year?
We are excited for our returning players to have made improvement and mixed in with a blend of talented new players, we look forward to winning the conference title and qualifying for the NCAA tourney.


“Playing volleyball has led to so many opportunities for me off the court but the biggest one has been Pacific Lutheran University. If I did not play volleyball I would have never known about PLU and I would have never met my amazing teammates, friends, coaches, and professors that have made such a large impact in my life.”
– Baylee Johnson

21 Volleyball student-athletes

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1st or 2nd place in conference for 13 years

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16-9 overall record; 13-3 conference record

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2nd Team All Conference: McKenzie Pfeiffer

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