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Q&A with Coach Adam Frye

What are some highlights of this year that shows your team succeeding, facing a challenge, and supporting each other?
A highlight of the year was being able to do a pre-season “breakaway” trip for the first time since 2019. We spent two nights at Mt. Baker Bibleway Camp. It was awesome to see the group making strong connections with teammates and enjoying their time together. We also had a first-year student-athlete share that he had “never received so much unconditional love” as he has this year as part of the team at PLU.

What makes your student-athletes special? What makes you feel most proud of your team?
Their dedication to being their best as students, athletes and people. I feel most proud of the team when I see their personal growth and development. And when they have breakthrough performances that surprise themselves.

How did your team engage with the community this year?
Volunteered with Habitat for Humanity – did a landscaping project at a local home.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about for next year?
Excited to bring back all but one student-athlete for both the men’s and women’s squads.


“My athletic experience has been benefited by being at PLU because of the caring and welcoming environment. I know that everyone involved in athletics cares for me as a person.”
– Danny Samson

63 T&F student-athletes, 22 XC student-athletes

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Bailey Forsyth: 2x All-American at NCAA Indoor T&F Championships

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7 athletes earned All-Region honors in Indoor T&F

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4 All-Conference Men (Ryan Stracke, Owen Ladinig, Hezekiah Goodwin, Trey Robak)

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