collage of youth through college athletes and their coaches. Starting on the left, someone splashing in the pool, two soccer players chasing after a ball, a batter waiting for the pitch, a runner that is running around a track, a kid with a basketball looking at an outdoor playground, and young flag football players on the field

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Mental Health Wellness

This online, self-study course helps the participants build a complete “toolbox” for themselves and their athletes. These toolboxes will be filled with multiple resources to share in order to encourage athletes to explore and practice techniques until they find those that resonate with them. They will need techniques they can use at the beginning of a big competition to calm their nerves, techniques they can do on a daily basis to manage stress more productively, and also a long-term plan for understanding how stress works, how to recognize if they are not coping well and what to do about it. This course is good for all mentors, not just youth sports coaches.

The Mentor’s Mental Health Toolbox will consist of positive coping strategies and skills coaches can teach others. Strategies will address

  1. stress management in the moment — what can someone do “right now, in this moment”– to reduce their acute stress
  2. coping skills for daily stress management
  3. life skills and practices for developing a long-term robust stress management plan that can adapt to the needs of the individual as they grow and change.

15 Washington State OSPI clock hours are available for this self-paced, online course

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Effective Coaching I

Earn your Effective Coaching I Certificate with these 3 online courses:

1) Leading Dynamic Practices
–Participants will learn how to create routines to maximize practice efficiency and impact
–Participants will learn how to implement appropriately challenging drills
2) Delivering Feedback Effectively
–Participants will learn strategies for delivering appropriate amounts of feedback on time
–Participants will learn how to deliver corrective feedback after errors in ways that increase the likelihood student-athletes will implement the information immediately
3) Cultivating a Motivational Team Climate
–Participants will learn the importance of creating a mastery motivational climate
–Participants will learn strategies to ensure they are reinforcing the climate they want to create

There are 5 OSPI clock hours for each self-paced, online course.
When participants complete all 3 they will receive a certificate for Effective Coaching I.
Courses can be taken as a series or independently.

Summer Coaching Institute

Join six-time Olympic Games coaching staff member and PLU professor Dr. Colleen Hacker at our annual PLU Kinesiology Summer Coaching Institute.

Dr. Hacker and a team of content experts with coaching experiences that range from NCAA Division I to adapted recreation & youth sports gather coaches from around the country on campus at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. Registration opens in the summer and the date will be announced in early spring and seats are limited.

There are OSPI clock hours available for successfully completing the Institute.