Cloud Computing Certificate

Are you an individual looking to gain a better understanding of cloud computing and architecting? 

These skills are critical across every stage of career advancement, from college graduates looking to land their first career job, to an experienced developer looking to increase their cloud architecture skills.

This program is ideal for:

  • Working tech professionals with a few years of experience in IT.
  • Recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or a related subject.
  • Cloud computing professionals looking to gain platform-specific knowledge to advance their careers.
  • Tech-savvy individuals looking to switch to a career in cloud computing.

The program consists of nine courses to increase your cloud computing knowledge. You will build your skill from fundamentals to an advanced level of understanding, and you will regularly test out your skills with hands-on exercises and projects, with Microsoft and Google Cloud labs. You’ll also complete nine platform-specific projects and three industry-oriented capstone projects. Each project will allow you to deepen your understanding and apply your new skills to a real-world challenge.

Once you’ve completed the program, you will have significant practical experience to reference in job interviews and showcase on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

The practical experience you gain through the capstone projects and hands-on labs will give you plenty to talk about in interviews to illustrate your knowledge. However, if you already have a few years of work experience in tech, The carefully crafted curriculum enables you to apply your real-world understanding to extend your cloud skills.

Industry Recognized Certifications

Once you have successfully completed this program, you will be awarded your TechMaster Certificate confirming you have the job-ready skills, knowledge, and practical experience employers need. The competencies you gain will also make a valuable addition to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

      • 1 x SkillUp Online TechMaster Certificate
      • 1 x Certificate of Completion with from Pacific Lutheran University’s (PLU) Continuing Education
      • 3 PLU Continuing Education credits with official PLU transcript
      • Skill development and mapping to 3 x industry-recognized Microsoft certifications
      • Skill development and mapping to 1 x industry-recognized Google Cloud certification
The courses will prepare you for taking 3 key Microsoft certification exams and 1 prestigious Google Cloud exam.
These exams must be taken externally through Pearson Vue and Google Cloud, respectively.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, you will develop the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

      • Understand cloud concepts.
      • Manage Azure identities and governance.
      • Implement and manage storage.
      • Deploy and manage Azure computer resources.
      • Configure and manage virtual networking.
      • Monitor and back up Azure resources.
      • Design monitoring and migration solutions.
      • Understand Google Workspace Essentials.
      • Manage Cloud Functions and Storage.
      • Analyze data with BigQuery, SQL, and Data Studio.
      • Project plan with Kubernetes.
      • Develop and deploy on the go with continuous integration and delivery.
      • Manage Google Cloud policies.
      • Manage Google Cloud infrastructure with Terraform.

Prerequisites/Technical Requirements Recommended:
      • Knowledge of the basics of operating systems
      • Understanding of basic computer networking concepts
      • Familiarity with databases
      • Functional knowledge of different programming languages such as Python.
Program Delivery

This is a hybrid program that combines self-paced learning and Mentor-lead synchronous sessions. In addition, the program will include:

      • Discussion space
      • 120 Hours virtual instructor-led
      • 115 Hours self-paced
      • 55 hours hands-on labs
      • Knowledge checks
      • 16 Hours human skills training
      • 1-on-1 mentoring
      • 8 ability projects
      • 2 Final capstone projects
Program Schedule  (dates to be announced)
      • Duration: 10 months
      • Schedule
        • Lecture: 1 hour, 1x/week
        • Moderated: discussions: 2 hours, 1x/week
        • Format: Online lecture and moderated discussion and self-paced activities