Division ofHumanities

Why study in the Humanities
Why study in the Humanities
Why study in the Humanities

Interpreting Complex and Living Traditions for a Humane, Sustainable Future 

Pacific Lutheran University's Departments of English, Languages & Literatures, Philosophy, and Religion comprise the Division of Humanities.

Drawing on a rich tradition, Humanities cultivates an intellectual and imaginative connection between a living past and the global challenges of our contemporary world.

Study of the Humanities teaches a way of living, thinking and being in the world. It helps students situate their beliefs within a wider frame of reference and to understand and analyze assumptions, traditions, truths and histories. Students will see their responsibility for the quality of life they lead. It challenges students to realize the importance of participating in the larger and broader service to the common good.

What I believe but can't prove
English Professor Tom Campbell believes, but can't necessarily prove, that beauty is good for us – by which he means, it makes us better people.

Students in the Humanities strive to understand deeply and broadly the complex traditions that shape the ways human beings think and act in this world, and allow us to imagine and strive for a better future.

The Humanities Commitment 

The Division of Humanities is committed to superb undergraduate teaching. Classes emphasize communication skills, rigorous analysis of texts and ideas, critical assessment of arguments, and thoughtful reflection. The potential for creative service to the community is nurtured in a variety of ways, including internships inPublishing and Printing Arts (a minor in English), the outreach programs of the Scandinavian Cultural Center, and collaborative projects with local school districts.

The division also touches at least a dozen other departments and programs, including the Chinese Studies ProgramEnvironmental StudiesGlobal Studies, theLanguage Resource Center, the Wang Center and the Writing Center, and Women's Studies to name a few.