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The student of politics seeks to understand how governments are organized and structured, how political processes are employed, and the relationship of structures and processes to societal purposes.

Since political activity may embody and reflect the full range of human values, the study of politics includes realities of politics while at the same time asking how well political systems work, what purposes are and ought to be served, and what effects result from political phenomena. Political Science encourages a critical understanding of government and politics in the belief that a knowledgeable, interested, and aware citizenry is needed in a democratic society.

The study of politics touches upon other disciplines which inquire into human behavior and development, ranging from history and philosophy to psychology, communication, and cross-cultural studies. Students of political science have the opportunity to combine the academic study of government and politics with practical experience by participation in one of the internship programs sponsored by the department.

The department provides pre-professional training leading to careers in teaching, law, government, and related fields.

This knowledge is gained through coursework, internships,and a strong commitment by the political science faculty. As a department there is a belief that understanding politics and government is essential to a well educated person and vital to democratic citizenship.

Our curriculum provides students with the skills to contribute to a complex society that encourages justice, diversity, and sustainability at the local, state, national and international levels. The Department of Political Science prepares students to be thoughtful leaders and committed citizens through our emphasis on effective public service, which is critical in a free and just society.


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