Political Science Learning Objectives

Revised 12/18/18

Learning Objectives100 Level200 Level300 Level400 Level
Substantive knowledge in the Discipline.Define and describe the basic political processes and institutions of government including definitions of politics.Apply the central concepts to the role of various actors including citizens, interest groups, political parties, and politicians within political systems.Apply the central theories and concepts in independent research.Convey Substantive knowledge in the central theories and concepts to self-directed work.
Demonstrate a Competence in Writing.Demonstrate competence in reading and understanding elite political analysis.Demonstrate writing competence with respect to assigned topics.Demonstrate research and writing competence in independent research. Demonstrate research and writing competence in self-directed original research and convey substantive knowledge using research, writing, and oral communication.
Methods: exhibit analytical skills in interpreting data.Introduction to data collection techniques including quantitative and qualitative techniques.Operationalization and measurement.Data collection.Data analysis.
Demonstrate critical, independent thinking about politics and public life.Recognize rights, responsibilities, and privileges of participating in, and contributing as a citizen in a diverse society. Have and awareness of one's own biases, including reflection on one's own political socialization and the effects of political socialization on one's perceptions of the political world.Understand and evaluate the assumptions, values, and beliefs in context of diverse local, national, and global communities.Describe and apply the ethical, moral, and political philosophical arguments of power, justice and democracy in context of diverse local, state, and national communities.Assess the relationship between public policy choices and outcomes and the relationship between policies and their political consequences, especially with regards to power and the oppression of certain members of a society.