The Department of Political Science is proud to present the

2023 Senior Capstones.

The presentations will be given on May 24th in Xavier Hall, Room 201.

Click on each student name to see their presentation title.

Power of Identity: The Constitutionalized Shift in Ethiopian Nationalism
“Navigating Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment as a Female in the Washington State Legislature”.
``Beyond the Blue Bins: Examining the Complexities of Recycling in Washington State.``
Navigating a Theoretical Approach to Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global: How the Scandinavian Powerhouse will Preserve their Oil Wealth Management Success into the Future
Trueblood: The Dichotomy of Washington's Moral Political Culture and Its Failure to Uphold Justice
Queer Theory: Preventing the Erasure of Minority Identities in Public Schools
Housing First: A Life-Centered Solution to Housing and Water Crises
Policing in Washington State
Dobbs, Political Action, and Jurisprudence