The Department of Political Science is pleased to present their Spring 2024 Capstones.

Presentations will be given on May 16th – Xavier Hall, Room 201 – 6:00-9:00 pm

Click on each student name to see their presentation title.

The ``Chinese Virus``: Political Sinophobia and its Consequences
How Does Public Opinion Affect the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana
Mental Health Care in Correctional Facilities
Analysis and Results: Metropolitan Governance Fragmentation Appears to be Inconsequential on Transportation Accessibility
Review of Literature Regarding the Revictimizations of Sexual Assault Survivors in the U.S. Court System
Did Political Independent Voters in the U.S. Play a Pivotal Role in the Outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election?
Policy Development of Nuclear Energy
Using the State Attorney General's Office as an Agent of Reform
How To Draw Congressional Districts