Students participating in internships will have two supervisors–one at work, one at the university.  The supervisory relationship at work is not directly the business of anyone at the university, although concerns and problems should be discussed with your faculty sponsor.
On the academic side, an internship should provide a learning situation.  Toward that end the following are required:

  • Regular scheduled contact, so that you and your faculty sponsor may trade written material and discuss issues surrounding the internship.  Weekly contact via email is the norm.
  • An interpretive journal.  At the start this should include a job description, description of your activities and any concern you have about them.  The journal will evolve as your faculty sponsor asks questions in response to your journal, and assigns readings to incorporate into your entries.  This can be a part of the weekly email contact.
  • A product, such as an analytical paper attached to some manual or newsletter produced at work.  As internships differ, you will have to discuss the specific content of an appropriate product for your internship.

Please write a one-page proposal for your internship.  Be sure it addresses each of the points above, and have it approved by a faculty sponsor. Your proposal will have a beginning bibliography appropriate to your internship activities.