Welcome to the Department of History

History is the study of change and continuity in human society over time. Historians develop skills in evaluating evidence, organizing information, clarifying and structuring concepts, and writing narratives and expositions. Majoring in history is an excellent way to prepare for a career in teaching, research, library and information sciences, government service, journalism, law, or business. The Department of History offers a full range of courses in American, Asian, European, Latin America, and World history.

The current chair of the History Department is Dr. Beth Kraig. Please contact her at kraigbm@plu.edu.


You can do that with a History major? Check out trending opportunities for History Majors (and Minors)!

Benson Family Endowed Chair in History

The Benson program is sponsoring a new minor in Innovation Studies. Most recently, we welcomed Alaska CEO Brad Tilden to campus as our 13th annual Benson lecturer.

Kurt Mayer Chair and Endowment

Contact Dr. Beth Griech-Polelle about Holocaust and Genocide studies at PLU. Our most recent event was the Powell-Heller Conference for Holocaust Education, November 1-3, 2017.