History Capstone Presentations - Spring 2019

Political, Social, Cultural Movements

Wednesday May 8 - Anderson University Center 133

“The Social Identity of Caribbean Pirates: A Close Look at the Golden Age of Piracy, 1650-1730”

“The Insurrection to Revolution: The Role of Media in Radicalizing the Thirteen Colonies, 1765-1776”

“The Flame Lily Burning: Examining the History, Independence, and Downfall of the Rhodesian Republic, 1965-1980”

“Keeping the Peace: Race, Gender, and the Pursuit of Equal Opportunity in the Development of the United States Army Military Police, World War II to the 1960’s”

“The Native American Civil Rights Movement: Minimizing Native Political and Cultural Concerns”

“The Anti-Vaccination Movement: Cultural, Social, Medical, and Political Anxieties towards Measles in the U.S.”

Modes of Travel: by Foot, Cars, Boats, Planes

Monday, May 13 - Admin 101

“Women of Fort Nisqually: The Adoption of Victorian Morals and Changing Societal Expectations Across Race and Class, 1830-1870”

“The Acts and Monumentalizing of John Foxe: The Literal, Literary, and Legendary Travels of a Marian Exile, 1517-2019”

“Tupaia: The Polynesian Navigator and his World During the Age of Exploration of the late 1800’s”

“Mount Rainier National Park” A History of Recreation and Conservation”

“Building Community: The Green Book and the African-American Experience of Road-Tripping”

“Redefining the Way You Retreat, Relax, and Recharge: the Alaska Airlines Flight Experience, 1932-2019”

Immigrants, Refugees, and Settlers

Wednesday, May 15 - Admin 101

Romanitas: The Socio-Cultural Impact of Roman Imperialism on the Eastern Frontier in the First and Second Centuries CE”

“Varian Fry’s Rescue Efforts: Refugee Policies and Emigration Movements of Jews in France during World War II”

“Mr Robert L. Fisher and His Role in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency’s Administration of Palestinian Refugee Camps in Gaza, 1958-1963”

“Why Go West: The diversity of Migration to the Pacific Northwest, 1840-1865”

“Gendered Japanese-American Internment Experience: 1942-1946”

“A Gastronomic Examination of Reintegration: Japanese Americans in the Post-War Pacific Northwest”