2021 capstone cover

The Department of History is proud to present the 2021 Senior Capstones. The presentations were given virtually on several dates during Spring Term. Click on each student name to see their presentation title.

April 15, 2021
``From Spring to Fall: A Study of Memory and Collective Action in 1968 and 1989 Czechoslovakia``
``Dying with Honor: The Sobibor Revolt and Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust``
``The Conflicting Legacy of Margaret Sanger``
April 22, 2021
`` 'those cogent reasons, which justify a cruel outrage against humanity': The Construction of British Identity in the First Carib War, 1771-73``
``Stories of Revolution``
April 29, 2021
``Kirishitan Persecution in Japan in the 16th and 17th Centuries``
``How Well Are You Sleeping? American Civilian Responses to the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Holocaust``
`` 'The Handsomest Man I Ever Seed': Cowboys as a Regrettable Allegory for American Masculinity``
``The Role of Women in the Rwandan Genocide of the Tutsi``
May 6, 2021
``Legislative Linguistics: Developing Language to Erase Identities``
``Scottish Independence: The Kingless Kingdom``
``The Nazi's War on All Things Queer``
``The Indoctrination of the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany``
`` 'We owe it to our children and to their children': International Discrimination and Roma Holocaust Memorialization``
May 13, 2021
``Polish Complicity in the Holocaust: Denial and Modern Impact: Government, Militias, Employees, and Citizens``
``Classroom Walls: State Education and the Nazi Past in the German Democratic Republic``
``Justification of Domination: The Nez Perce War of 1877``
``When Words Do Kill: Nazi Propaganda from the Beer Hall Putsch to Kristallnacht``