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The Powell-Heller Conference for Holocaust Education

The 2019 Powell-Heller Conference for Holocaust Education, in its 12th year at Pacific Lutheran University,
will be dedicated to exploring the roles of Jewish resistance and rescue of the Holocaust.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Jan van Pelt
Cultural/architectural historian and author
Professor of Architecture, University of Waterloo

Cultural historian and author, Robert Jan earned a D.Litt. from Leiden University and has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in recognition of his scholarly work. He has written several highly acclaimed books, and he is world-renowned for his extensive research into issues surrounding the architecture of the Holocaust. He recently completed a book on Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution, and he is presently working on a book on the culture of tourist trips to the death camps in Germany and Poland. He will be teaching the First Year Cultural History course this fall. Research interests include: History and philosophy of architecture and urbanism; the history of the Holocaust; German extermination camps; Holocaust denial; problems in historiography.


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