Economics at PLU

The Pacific Lutheran University Economics department offers a multitude of ways to study the field of economics. Are you interested in understanding how choices made individually and collectively affect issues such as immigration, health care, environmental issues, or income inequality?

Our department offers the unique opportunity to participate in an economics alumni mentoring program for all majors to help you prepare for your life beyond PLU. In addition, your individual research senior project (capstone), on a topic of your choice, helps to prepare you to go into the field of your choice with close faculty collaboration. Check out the Opportunities tab to learn more about EconClub and other opportunities in the department of economics at PLU.

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“By virtue of exchange, one person’s property is beneficial to all others.” Frederic Bastiat

The Economics major requires 44 credit hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.50. It is excellent preparation for graduate study and a wide variety of careers.

The department also offers a minor, requiring 24 credit hours. This course of study is an ideal complement to majors in Political Science, History, Sociology, Mathematics, Business, and Philosophy, among others.


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