Economics Major Requirements

The department of economics is undergoing a program revision beginning June 2021. We have suspended the declaration of new economics majors. 

Economics majors complete a minimum of 44 credit hours leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree within the College of Arts and Sciences at PLU. (Complete course descriptions may be found here.) In addition to the university and college requirements, economics majors must complete:

Theory core (4 courses, 16 semester hours): ECON 101 or 111, 102, 301, 302

Note: ECON 301 and ECON302 both have a pre-requisite of MATH128/151. Please see your advisor to ensure you are on track to meet these math pre-requisites.

Tools (2 courses, 8 semester hours): STAT 231 or MATH/STAT 242; BUSA 202, BUSA 302 or four hours in CSCE

Capstone (1 course, 4 semester hours): ECON 499

Field courses (4 courses, 16 semester hours):

Choose one course (4 semester hours) from each of the following three categories:

• Micro: ECON 313, 321, 323, 325, 331, 333
• Macro: ECON 322, 327, 337, 386
• Approaches: ECON 311, 341, 344, 345

Choose a fourth course from any of the three categories listed above or from the following:

• ECON 215, 235, 287-289, 387-389, or 495

Note: Special Topics courses (numbered 287–289 or 387–389) may be counted toward one of the required field course categories with the approval of the chair of the Economics Department. Examples of past courses include ECON 287/387 The Economics of Sport and ECON 387 Behavioral Economics.

To remain in the major, junior and senior-level students must:

• earn at least a C- in any course counted towards the major
• maintain a minimum 2.50 overall GPA, and
• maintain a minimum 2.50 GPA in courses to be counted towards the Economics major.

To register for an economics course with any prerequisites, a grade of C- or better must be attained in each of the prerequisite courses.

Economics majors may transfer in a maximum of 20 semester hours toward the economics major, unless they have permission from the chair of the Economics Department.