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ECON 499 - Economic Capstone Final Presentation Schedule, Day 1

Monday, November 30 / 6-9:15 p.m.

Just A Game: A Strategic Analysis of ByteDance's Response to Trump's Executive Order
Rational Risk-Takers: A Game Theoretic Analysis of Terrorists as Rational Actors
The Role of Delay in Bargaining: High School Baseball Draftees
Cost Disease and Symphony Orchestra
Immigration and Economic Growth: Can Immigrants Solve the Economic Situation in Italy?
Impacts of Asymmetric Information on Children's Health Insurance Coverage
The Function of Middlemen: An Analysis in the International Fair-Trade Coffee Market
The Effect of Multinational Outsourcing on Domestic Employment
Determinants of Salary for Wide Receivers in the National Football League

ECON 499 - Economic Capstone Final Presentation Schedule, Day 2

Monday, December 7 / 6-9:15 p.m.

An Empirical Look into Conservation Spending and Forest Area
An Analysis of Artisanal Fishing Livelihoods with Mangrove Restoration
Covid-19: An Econometric Analysis of Depression Rates
Hyperinflation in South American Countries
The Optimal Tariff for Steel in The U.S.
Amateurism Within the NCAA: How Endorsement Deals Can Affect Competitive Balance and Profits
Flood Risk Optimization in the Venetian Lagoon
Trading Card Prices and the Effects of Asymmetric Information in Online Auctions
The Effect of NAFTA on US Welfare As Seen Through the Textile Industry