We Asked Students:


Gaby Creaver

“My econ 101 professor approached me about majoring in economics. I like the math meaning behind what I am doing and the fact that I have a lot of job opportunities in the future.”

“Economics allows me to double major in music. My economics major is applicable to the field of work I want to pursue once I graduate.”

AJ Moore
Carlos Alveraz

“We are learning elasticity in my introductory microeconomics class and I was able to see a real life application of elasticity relating to uber fares. I like how applicable econ is to real life.”

“I chose to study economics at PLU because I felt that it opened a lot of doors to me, it isn’t a major where there is only one career path.”

Hannah McAllister
Austin Harris

“All the econ professors are really approachable. I like how economics gives me a business approach to political science. I also find econ really interesting.”