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Classroom Technology

Classroom PodiumMost classrooms on campus are equipped with multimedia equipment you can use without needing to make a request to Instructional Technologies. Quick-start instructions are provided in each room to assist you in operating the equipment. And check out our Classroom Podium Video Tutorials to learn how to use the podiums. 

Equipment Delivery - If you are teaching in a room that does not have all of the equipment you need to successfully teach your course, a request can be made to Instructional Technologies, and we will deliver and setup that equipment for you.  Some equipment (such as response clickers and presentation remotes) will need to be picked up at the Instructional Technologies desk in the Library.  The following equipment is available for delivery to your classroom (if it is not already available in the room).

  • Document Camera
  • DVD/VHS Player
  • Computer Projector
  • Laptop Computer

Getting Support - If you find yourself in a situation where you need help or the equipment is not working properly, call 253-535-7509 to reach our front desk and a technician will be dispatched immediately to assist in correcting the problem.

Response Time - During our normal business hours, we have student technicians at the desk who can be dispatched immediately in the event that classroom equipment is not working properly.  During normal business hours, we are committed to responding to a problem within 5 minutes of receiving a trouble call. Problems that occur outside of normal business can be submitted to the Help Desk at 253-535-7525 or online at  We will do our best to resolve after-hours problems as quickly as possible.

Faculty Statement on Learning Environments

Instructional Technologies strongly supports the spirit of the Faculty Statement on Learning Environments. Within the constraints of resources, we use this statement to develop and guide our classroom technology services and priorities.