Digital Signage

Digital sign located in the Mortvedt Library lobby

Digital signs are displays that can be used to promote, advertise, or showcase content in your department or area. They are great for relaying useful information, such as upcoming events, and for attracting the attention of passers-by. Instructional Technologies provides training, support, and troubleshooting for all digital signs on campus.

Existing signs on campus
There are many digital signs already in place around campus. Stop by the signs to get a better idea of how they look and can be implemented. Some examples include:

  • Olson Gym –  Main lobby
  • Ingram Hall – School of the Arts & Communication
  • Hauge Admin Building – Student Financial Services area

Digital Sign Components

Each digital sign is made up of the following components:

  • Monitor
  • Wall mount
  • Content player
  • Software license
  • Power & internet connections

Although iTech supports the deployment and operation of the digital signs, each department/group is responsible for the financial costs of their sign including the equipment, software licenses, and installation.

How They Work

Digital signs are TV monitors connected to a small computer known as the Content Player. Content is added to the sign remotely from your own computer. All content for the sign is created, managed, and uploaded by the sign owner and not by iTech.

Get One for Your Area

Instructional Technologies will walk you through all the necessary steps for getting a digital sign for your area. Please contact iTech at for more information.