Labs & Studios

The Instructional Technology labs and studios can be used for digital media projects of all kinds, from podcasting to graphic design. Our design labs have powerful computers and an array of design software, and the studios have media production equipment and capabilities. During staffed hours, iTech and Help Desk workers will be available to assist you with your creative projects. To schedule a one-on-one consultation,  software training, or for troubleshooting issues, contact

The Library Studio

Located in the basement of Mortvedt Library, the Studio is the perfect spot for all your media production needs. The Studio features lighting kits, clean photography backdrops, easy-to-use high-quality recording equipment, a Lightboard, and more. This space is available for students, faculty, and staff, and is reservable during building hours.

Equipment available in the Studio includes:

  • Lighting Kits
  • Photo/video backdrops
  • Lightboard
  • Blue Yeti microphone
  • Tascam USB audio interface
  • Rode Procaster mic (x3)+boom arms, pop filters, and fetheads
  • Headphones
  • Mac computer
  • Sound baffle panels

Checkout Equipment

Need a camera, tripod, or audio recording device to produce your project? Visit the Help Desk in the Library, where you can check out various media production gear.

Studio Access

To gain access to the Studio, fill out the Studio Policy Agreement Form. All users are required to submit this form in order to use the Studio. This only needs to be done once.

Reserving the Studio

To request a reservation, fill out the Studio Reservation Request Form. Keep in mind:

  • Filling out this form doesn’t guarantee the reservation
  • Official confirmation from iTech staff is required
  • Reservations are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Requests should be submitted at least one business day in advance so that our staff has time to respond
  • Requests aren’t processed after 4pm, or on weekends and holidays

Mortvedt Design Lab

The Design Lab is located on the first floor of the library, to the right of the Help Desk. This lab features 18 iMacs, each featuring the full Adobe Creative Suite as well as a host of other software. DVD and Blu-Ray burners are available as well. This lab is open during building hours, and all PLU members have swipe access.

Wiegand Design Lab

Wiegand Design Lab is located in Morken 115 and open during building hours. The lab hosts 6 Mac computers equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite. This lab is open during building hours, and all PLU members have swipe access.

Wiegand Sound Studios

The Wiegand Design Lab also includes two sound studios designed for composing, recording, and mixing music. Each room is set up as a recording studio including a Mac computer with Pro Tools 10, audio interface, keyboard, and microphone.

  • Studio 1 is restricted to electronic music students only.
  • Studio 2 can be reserved by anyone.
    • Electronic music students take scheduling priority.
    • Submit the Wiegand Studio Access Form to request permission to use the space.
    • Upon access approval, use the Wiegand Sound Studio Reservation Request Form to schedule the space.