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Fall 2019 Technology Workshops

by Layne Nordgren   Check out the schedule of Fall 2019 technology workshops at https://www.plu.edu/itech/workshops/ along with full workshop descriptions and registration information. Eighteeen workshops are offered on a diversity

Introducing: The Lightboard

iTech recently finished construction of the Lightboard, which is a new tool that can be used to create written and drawn visuals for instructional videos. The Lightboard can be especially

New Consolidated I&TS Help Desk

New Help Desk provides a single point for PLU technology support. by Layne Nordgren and Misty Berlin During the Library first floor remodel, Information & Technology Services (I&TS) combined the

Spring 2017 Venue Upgrades

by John Struzenberg After Before Spring is a time for renewal, cleaning, and most importantly: technology upgrades. PLU has been humming away this spring and the same is true for