Spring 2020 Technology Workshops

by Layne Nordgren   Check out the schedule of Spring 2020 technology workshops at https://www.plu.edu/itech/workshops/ along with full workshop descriptions and registration information. Sixteeen workshops are offered on a diversity

Introducing: The Lightboard

iTech recently finished construction of the Lightboard, which is a new tool that can be used to create written and drawn visuals for instructional videos. The Lightboard can be especially

New Consolidated I&TS Help Desk

New Help Desk provides a single point for PLU technology support. by Layne Nordgren and Misty Berlin During the Library first floor remodel, Information & Technology Services (I&TS) combined the

Spring 2017 Venue Upgrades

by John Struzenberg After Before Spring is a time for renewal, cleaning, and most importantly: technology upgrades. PLU has been humming away this spring and the same is true for

Four overlapping puzzle pieces in different colors, with the word EDpuzzle at the bottom.
Using EDpuzzle for making engaging video lessons

EDpuzzle is an online tool that enables an instructor to add interactivity to educational videos. Instead of having students simply watching a video assigned for a class, EDpuzzle lets them

Embedding YouTube & Audio Players in Sakai

By Sean Horner YouTube video players and audio players can now be embedded in any instance of Sakai’s rich-text editor ( CKEditor ) while avoiding the use of the Adobe