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Digital Editing Labs

The Instructional Technology Digital Design Labs offer access to knowledgeable staff, multimedia computers and software. During staffed hours patrons can consult with the lab assistants on the process, techniques and tools used in the development of digital media. We also provide ad hoc and scheduled instruction for projects such as presentations, web sites, digital portfolios, and CD/DVD creation. Contact or visit Instructional Technologies for assistance with the use of these technologies for your academic projects.

Login and Access 

Lab spaces are open to members of the PLU community with a valid PLU ePass and ePass password.
If you have issues log on to computer in the lab you may need to change your password at 

Lab Resources
Equipment Checkout

Need a camera, tripod, or audio recording device to produce your project. Instructional Technologies has the technology you need to capture the materials for accomplishing your assignment.


Our lab spaces are also used as classrooms. So it is always advised to check the availability. Check the individual lab space sites for availability. 

Digital Design Lab
Wiegand Multimedia Lab
Wiegand Sound Lab 

Lab Services 

Image Editing

The Instructional Technologies Lab Spaces offers access to image editing software such as Photoshop and gimp. We also offer access to layout and design for desktop publishing.

Audio Editing

Access to capture, editing and exporting for audio based projects.

Video Editing

Video editing of recorded events and performances. One-on-one or group consultations on video editing and common editing issues.

Web Support

The Instructional Technologies Lab Spaces offer web support on the use of our web based instructional technologies, such as Sakai, Blogger and Dspace.  We also have assistance and training on how to the create websites using a variety of web authoring tools.


The Design Lab and Wiegand Multimedia Lab provide patrons access to desktop scanners for digitizing color and b/w images and documents. Scanning is also available on all Ricoh copying machines throughout campus.


The Instructional Technologies Lab Spaces offers assistance with preparation of your document or file for printing. Through the use of layout software, and color calibration we can work with you to assure that you document is ready for the local printer or printing press.