Information & Technology ServicesInstructional Technologies

Dana Bodewes

Instructional Designer

Office 253-535-7572

The Instructional Designer is a key member of the Instructional Technologies Team, with a leading role in supporting faculty in course redesigns for face-to-face, hybrid, and online delivery. She assists faculty by providing instructional design services and proactive consultation & support integrating technology where appropriate. The designer works closely with multidisciplinary and frontend teams to assist faculty in redesigning courses and producing instructional objects, often providing leadership in design, project management, and production. She monitors current research and best practices in instructional design and instructional technology while collaboratively developing a curriculum of workshops and other learning opportunities for the university community.

Katie Martell

Video Producer

Office 253-535-7260

The Video Producer designs, captures, and produces video programs and deploys videos to a variety of media. Activities include working with: 1) faculty to create video learning objects for curricular use, 2) University Communications to produce videos for recruitment, development, and the PLU web, and 3) others in I&TS to produce university events. Creatively operates cameras, lighting equipment, and digital editing tools to create sophisticated video programs for distribution across various media formats.

Layne Nordgren

Director for User Services / Instructional Technologies

Office 253-535-7197

Provides leadership for four service teams of User Services: Instructional Technologies, User Support, Classroom and Event Services, and Web Development. Develops agile, customer-focused technology services that include the Help Desk, computer and software support, classroom technologies, instructional technologies and systems, and technology workshops. Enables faculty and staff with technology, skills, and support for teaching and learning.

Travis Pagel

Classroom & Events Technology Team Lead

Office 253-535-8627

Leads the User Services Classroom & Event Technology Team, under the supervision of the Instructional Technology Team Manager. Recommends goals, objectives and yearly initiatives for the Classroom & Event Technology Team and is responsible and accountable for their accomplishment. Responsible for the design, installation, and support of University learning space technology; designs, installs, and supports technology production spaces. Manages technology support services for University events and productions, including sound reinforcement, image display, camera coverage, and recording services.

Amy Robbins

Classroom & Events Technology Coordinator

Office 253-535-7261

Schedules, coordinates, and supports the use of instructional technologies by the university community for classrooms and events. Manages the operations of Classroom & Events Services and coordinates activities with other university departments. Trains, schedules, and supervises student technicians. Directs multi-camera video productions for event support. Serves as client relationship/project manager for selected events/projects.

Steve Sosa

Instructional Technology Team Manager

Office 253-536-5169

Provides PLU community with proactive services, support, and workshops for the development and use of digital media and instructional technologies in teaching and learning. Accountable for creating and maintaining a customer service environment that assesses client needs, answers questions, orients patrons to various technology solutions, and provides support for technologies, projects, and events. Serves as creative lead for instructional technology projects and for event productions. Oversees Classroom & Events Technology Team and their services. Plans, organizes, and manages complex technology projects and coordinates tasks among User Services and other I&TS teams.

Patrick Wakefield

Instructional Technologist


The Instructional Technologist works closely with other members of the Instructional Technologies team to support the University community in integrating technologies into teaching and learning. Activities include: 1) operating, supporting, and maintaining learning space and event production technologies, 2) managing Instructional Technologies Design Labs and training and managing student assistants, and 3) providing support, production assistance, and workshops for Instructional Technologies.