Policies & Approvals

In order to facilitate the process, assist in proposal preparation, and to coordinate efforts, it is recommended that early in the formation of the proposal, the author explore the idea with the dean, department chair, colleagues, and the Office of the Provost. Shortly thereafter, one should contact the Office of Advancement and talk with Foundation Relations.

In cases where the proposal has a large, programmatic reach of the grant is broad, and/or if matching funds from PLU will be requested, it is especially important to begin conversations with the department chair, dean, and the Offices of Advancement, Provost, and Finance and Administration early in the process of developing the proposal.

To aid in that dialogue, applicants should complete the form, “Notice of Intent to Apply for a Grant,” that helps the author address critical components such as deadlines, matching requirements, and grant implications. At least a week before final submission, a “Grant Approval Form” should be completed.

Notice of Intent to Apply

It is required that faculty and staff submitting grants fill out a ‘Notice of Intent to Apply’ form. The form is to ensure that multiple requests are not submitted to the same organization and helps Foundation Relations to coordinate with campus partners.

Grant Approval Form

The Grant Approval Form is required for all university faculty and staff to request external funding for the university through grants. This form is essential to ensuring grant funded projects are in alignment with PLU’s mission and strategic priorities.

Once a proposal is complete and ready to submit, copies must be sent to the Office of Advancement and to the Office of the Provost, and one copy must be retained by the applicant. The Office of Advancement tracks grant applications, so it is most helpful if applicants notify them as to the outcome of the proposal and send to them copies of any acceptance or declination letters.

Generally speaking, agencies award the funds with a check that is mailed to the Office of Advancement. Successful applicants need to coordinate with the Office of the Provost to assure that an account number and budget have been established with the Business Office. Doing so promptly enables the Office of Advancement to deposit the funds in the appropriate account.

Who Can Sign Grants and Contracts?

Only an authorized representative can sign certain documents on behalf of the University. Grants and contracts are submitted and negotiated in the University’s name and only those persons authorized to sign grants and contracts can provide a legal binding signature. Individual faculty and staff are not authorized to provide these signatures.