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Grant Support Services

Grant Support Services

Foundation Relations

The Foundation Relations team helps to pair university faculty and staff grant-seekers with public and private foundations to grow support for university priorities. Our team can help to find funding opportunities that fit with your program, identify potential funders for your idea, and connect you with resources to strengthen your proposal narrative and budget to make your best case for funding support.

Aileen BaconExecutive Director for Institutional Supportbaconaq@plu.edu253.535.7385
Danielle CryerCorporate and Foundation Grants Managercryerdn@plu.edu253.535.7493

Divisions and Schools

Your department chair and the division/school dean should be consulted early on in the grant seeking process to ensure that the project is consistent with division priorities. The chair and dean will need to approve the project’s faculty and staff time commitments, divisional cost-sharing or matching requirements and the use of department facilities. Additionally, they would need to approve the overall cost of any equipment to be purchased, including shipping, set-up and maintenance.

Office of the Provost

The Provost’s Office ensures that the project activities are consistent with the mission of the university and confirms that adequate support and resources will be available in the event of an award.

Human Participants Review Board
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Academic Budgeting
Academic Budget Assistance
Cost-share and matching funds
Course Release

Business Office

The Business Office monitors the financial activity of all grants received by faculty and staff. They can set up and manage accounts for grants, request reimbursement of federal agency funds for your award and provide support with final grant expenditure reports.

Contact Gemma Dulay with questions regarding grant accounts.