Important Information concerning year-end expense cut-off rules:

Expenses submitted prior to May 31, but are for travel or events that occur during this fiscal year (FY16) will be expensed and paid against this year’s (FY16) budget.  Even if your FY15 budget had additional funds remaining, accounting rules prohibit us from charging the expenses against your FY15 budget when the activity takes place in the next year.  For instance, if a plane reservation is made on May 15th for travel in July, or later, that expense will reflect this year’s (FY16).

Conversely, goods and services received before May 31 have been charged to your FY15 budget.  This includes items where the invoice was not received by PLU in the month of June.  Business Office staff are scrutinizing invoices for shipping and delivery dates to determine the appropriate year to charge expenses.

Most May P-card purchases have been charged to your FY15 budget, except those purchases that fall in one of the above outlined scenarios.  In order for transactions to be charged to FY15 the transactions would have been submitted by the vendor to the bank by May 31.  Backordered items or transactions not received by the bank by May 31 are charged to FY16 budgets.

Thank you for your continued assistance and support of the Business Office.  Please call or email Gemma Dulay (x 8056 or or Patti Pearce (x7119 or with any questions you may have.

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PLU Business Office provides accounting and financial services for PLU. We strive to provide the highest quality of service to all customers. Services include: Accounting, Accounts Payable, Student Accounts Receivable, Cashier, Purchasing, Student Loan Collections, and Purchase Cards.


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