Payment Options

Pay the remaining owing balance in full (minus accepted grants, scholarships, loans and/or other resources listed on your Offer of Financial Aid, excluding work study) by the 25th of the month preceding each semester/term. During the Summer Session, payment is due on the first day classes begin in June.

Due Dates:

  • Summer – First day classes begin in June
  • Fall – August 25th
  • J-term – December 25th
  • Spring – January 25th

When the amount of your accepted financial aid (grants, scholarship, and loans) is in excess of your university charges (tuition, fees, and if applicable, room & meals), you are entitled to a financial aid refund of the excess amount to help pay for off campus monthly expenses or other non-university costs. If you have an excess amount each semester, you must request a refund for each term.  See our REFUNDS webpage for more information.

You can pay any remaining owing balance using monthly installment payments, on a semester basis.  There is no annual payment plan available. The university utilizes an outside company that specializes in monthly payment plans. To set up payments, go to Nelnet Campus Commerce Monthly Payment Plan . This option has a $42 set up fee for each semester plan.  Payments made to Nelnet can be made by Automatic bank payment (ACH) and via credit card or debit card (which are assessed a 2.85% service fee).

  • Fall monthly payments begin as early as July 25th and go to November 25th
  • J-term and Spring combined payments begin as early as December 25th and go to April 25th

The Process to Enroll in Nelnet Campus Commerce Monthly Payment Plan:

It is the student’s responsibility to enroll with the Nelnet Monthly Payment Plan. Payment plans can be used for Summer, Fall, J-term, and Spring, but Summer is a stand alone plan. If you plan to attend summer, tuition and fees are due the first day classes begin in June.

Monthly plans are divided into the following:

  • Term 1 = Your owing balance for Fall
  • Term 2 = Your owing balance for J-term and Spring

To set-up your payment plan, contact Nelnet Campus Commerce Monthly Payment Plan:

Go to or call 1.800.609.8056

  • You will need your PLU Student ID number.
  • There is an Annual or Semester enrollment fee.
  • Each month you will receive two billing statements, one from PLU and one from Nelnet. When you set up your payment with Nelnet, it will appear on the PLU Billing Statement once each semester unless you make changes with Nelnet during the semester.
  • You will make your monthly payment directly to Nelnet, not PLU. The monthly payments are due on the 25th of the month.
  • If you receive a PLU monthly billing statement with an owing balance, it could be the amount you contracted with Nelnet was not enough or you incurred additional charges that were not calculated in your contract amount.
  • Contact the Office of Student Financial Services if you need assistance (253-535-7161 or