The Washington Application for State Financial Aid is provided as the sole means through which undocumented Washington State residents may apply for Washington State aid programs (Washington State College Grant, Washington State Work Study Program, and Washington State College Bound Scholarships) to attend a college or university in the state of Washington.

U.S. Citizens and non-citizens who have permanent resident status in the United States should not complete the WASFA, but rather should complete the FAFSA. Washington state aid programs can only be used to attend schools in state of Washington. The WASFA only determines eligibility for these state programs for a single academic year. A new application is required each year for a subsequent academic year.

A map of Washington state.

How to submit a WASFA

There is only one way to submit a WASFA

Go to www/wsac.wa.gov:

  • “Start a NEW WASFA”
  • or “login” if you are a returning applicant

The first section of the application will ask questions to determine if you are eligible to file the WASFA.

Once your eligibility is determined:

  • Register
  • Complete
  • and Submit your application

Ignore any reference to PayPal or making a payment as the application is FREE.