The Purchase Card

UPCOMING CHANGES:  The University has chosen to terminate our JPMorgan Purchasing card program and replace it with Bank of America.  We are in the midst of that transition and will be swapping new cards for the old JPMorgan cards by the middle of October 2016.  We have begun the training process for the new software interface and new applications will need to be submitted for every cardholder.  We will also be re-communicating our purchasing card policies and procedures.


The purchase card is a Visa credit card issued by Bank of America. It is a fast, flexible purchasing tool, which offers an alternative method of procurement and provides an extremely efficient and effective method for purchasing and paying for supplies.

If you need Purchase Card assistance please contact:

Debi Morgan, Accounting Assistant: 253-535-8867

Miriam Pitts, Accounting Assistant: 253-535-7171

Drew Eli, Senior Accountant: 253-535-7104