Office ofCareer Connections

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Career Development is a process and takes place over the four years students attend PLU. Please call the Ramstad Commons front desk at 253-535-7459 for an appointment with a career counselor.

VIDEO: What kind of students employers are looking for?

VIDEO: What are some ways to prepare for future employment?

VIDEO: What other advice can employers give?

First and Second Years: Who Am I?

  • GET AN APPOINTMENT - We encourage students to begin their career development process by having a career counseling appointment. If students are undecided on their major and/or their career direction, the career counselor encourages them to complete career assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory to see what careers others with the same style and interests have been successful doing.
  • DISCOVER VOCATION - We then ask students to journal and complete worksheets on their skills, values, accomplishments and “big enough questions.” We also encourage them to attend the Explore Retreat (funded by the Wild Hope Grant) held during J-Term to begin to explore their vocation.
  • FIND CAREER DIRECTION - Based on all of the rich data gained through interviewing the student, the career assessments, the journaling and worksheets, the career counselor assists the student in creating his or her own path and career direction.
  • TAKE A CLASS - They may do all this and more by taking the PSYC 113 class offered in the fall.

Second and Third Years: What are my options?

  • RESEARCH WHAT'S OUT THERE - During the second and third years, we encourage students to research the job market, different careers, employers, and work environments. Internships, service learning opportunities through volunteering, informational interviews and job shadowing are all ways to experience different jobs, careers and employer work environments.

Third and Fourth Years: How Do I Get There?

  • SHARPEN SKILLS - We provide workshops and information on the PLU career development web pages about job search skills such as resume writing, interviewing, networking, negotiating, creating a portfolio and how to access Internet job search resources. We also assist students with reviewing their resumes and cover letters, mock interview practice, offer career and internship fairs in the fall and spring, and co-sponsor an etiquette dinner.
  • LEARN ABOUT THE TRANSITION - They may also choose to take PSYC 213 designed for juniors and seniors to make their transition from college to work more easily.

Our services are available for students up to one year after they have graduated.