Summer 2017

Each summer the Department of History offers regular History courses for PLU and visiting students. Typically, one course is offered online and at least one course is offered on-campus.

For Summer 2017, two exciting courses are scheduled for the June 2017 session (Term I). One course is offered on-campus (Hist 351) and one is offered online (Hist 388). If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Mergenthal ( or Dr. Halvorson (

You will also find the PLU Summer Session website useful for registering and general information:

HIST 351: History of the Western and Pacific Northwest U.S. – A, SO

Prof. Rebekah Mergenthal

June 2017, Summer Term 1, M-Th, 11:30-2:20

This course will explore how definitions and boundaries of the American ‘West’ changed over time. Considering issues of national expansion, conquest, and resistance, we will explore the stories of people who moved west and those who already lived there to consider the implications of their interactions for the broader development of the United States. Additionally we will consider how the memory of ‘the West’ developed, in particular through the development of the Western film genre.

4 credits

HIST 388: ST: Early Western Civilizations – SO   ONLINE

Prof. Michael Halvorson

June 2017, Summer Term 1 (no set meeting time, but plan for daily assignments and activities Mon-Fri)

History 388 is a special topics course that covers the history of western civilizations from ancient Mesopotamia to the Early Middle Ages in Europe. The course introduces students to major themes in the development of western society, religion, politics, art, and literature. We investigate historical problems, conduct online research, write short essays and a research paper, and interact completely online! Monday-Friday assignments are required but on your own schedule (no set time for class).

4 credits