Department of Human Resources

Spring Wellness 2015

PLU offers wellness classes for staff and faculty during each term throughout the year. See below for a list of current classes and their descriptions. Click here to see the flyer. To sign up, please click here.

For questions, please contact Human Resources at or (253) 535-7185.


When: Mondays, 12:15 – 12:45pm; February 23rd – May 11th.

Where: Olson Balcony (Feb 23 – March 23), Memorial Gym* (March 30 – May 11)

Instructor: Allison Stephens

Description: With a focus on core fitness and balance, we’ll strengthen our bodies through mat work, body-weight exercises, and resistance training. Bring your mat, a water bottle, and shoes.

*Please note that your PLU ID card is required to access Memorial Gym. If you arrive without your PLU ID, you will not be admitted. 

Cost: $20

Minimum Enrollment: 12

When: Tuesdays, 12:15 – 12:45pm; February 17th – May 12th.

Memorial Gym* (Feb 17 – 24, March 3 –  17)
CK East (March 24 – 31, April 7, April 28, May 5)
CK (April 21)
AUC 133 (April 14, May 12)

Instructor:  Paula Battle (Susan Westering will teach April 7; Ebony Weber will teach April 14 & 21)

Join us for aerobic calorie burning walk classes conducted using the indoor walking techniques. Exciting, motivating music designed for pace and speed, along with four basic steps and strength training combos make this calorie torching, fat burning, stress releasing group fitness aerobic walk fun and suitable for all Walks of Life! Please wear comfortable clothes and fitness shoes, bring a water bottle and towel.

*Please note that your PLU ID card is required to access Memorial Gym. If you arrive without your PLU ID, you will not be admitted.

Cost: $20

Minimum Enrollment: 12

When: Wednesdays, 5:15 – 5:50pm; February 18th – May 13th. No class March 25th.

Where: Pool*

Instructor:  Nicole Schalk, PLU Student

Description: Need to spice up your exercise regiment? Come break a sweat in the water! Water Aerobics is easy on the joints, while building muscular endurance, increasing flexibility, and improving your heart. No swimming ability is required. Please bring a towel.

*Please note that your PLU ID card is required to access the pool. 

Cost: $20

Minimum Enrollment: 12

When: Thursdays, 12:15 – 12:45pm; February 19th – April 30th.

Where: Columbia Center

Instructor: Jody Horn

Description: Take a quick pause in your work day to focus on building strength, flexibility, and balance through hatha (physical practice) yoga. You will learn various asanas or poses individually and then combine them in a flow. At the end of the half hour, you will feel invigorated and refreshed to go back to work. Please bring a yoga mat and a strap/belt.

Cost: $15

Minimum Enrollment: 12

When: Fridays, 12:15 – 12:45pm; February 20th – May 15th. No class March 27th and April 3rd.

Where: Trinity Fireside Room

Instructor: The Venerable Jo Jo, Vietnamese Buddhist Meditation Center

Description: Open to all, including students. This will be a guided meditation session. Please bring a cushion, pillow, blanket, etc. to sit on.

Cost: Free