Diversity Statement

Diversity is “the condition of difference necessary to all life and creativity.”  Martusewicz, Edmundson, and Lupinacci, 2011

At PLU, diversity is intrinsic to the vitality of learning, resilience and growth.

Thus, we will:

      • Be responsive to how intersections and context impact how power is experienced
      • Act upon the fact that diversity and inclusion efforts must address and account for all differences born out of power and oppression
      • Collectively reimagine models and practices to create inclusive environments where all members of the PLU community can learn, live, work and — most importantly — thrive.

Diversity & Inclusion at PLU

As an institution of Lutheran higher education, Pacific Lutheran University understands that difference is intrinsic to all life, creativity, vision and innovation — the cornerstones of higher education. Diversity is vital to the vibrancy and sustainability of our university community, and our world beyond it.

PLU’s mission is to nurture resilient and intellectually curious graduates who can respond to and lead across a range of issues. Our community does that best when it not only welcomes lifelong learners from all backgrounds, but works tirelessly to cultivate their sense of belonging and celebrate their difference.

And, most importantly, intentional inclusivity is at the center of reformation — an ideal that lies at the root of our mission established more than a century ago.

Diversity and inclusion are what we’re tasked with doing because it’s who we are. We must continue to re-evaluate our institutions, curriculum, campaigns and more to guarantee an authentically inclusive environment in which all members of the PLU community can learn, live, work and thrive.

PLU is committed to serving its increasingly diverse population of students through perpetual introspection that places diversity and inclusion work at the heart of all we do.

As we continue to strive for a comprehensive sense of belonging for all students, faculty, staff and alumni — people of color, first-generation college students and graduates, international students, transfer students, undocumented students, military-affiliated students and veterans — we also recognize there’s more work to be done.


What will we do next?

Objectives and goals for a DJS Refresh at PLU.

The Basics

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